New PV Alert: STU48 – Setouchi no koe

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t necessarily put a b-side promotional video on these New PV Alerts, and I definitely wouldn’t post about a “teaser” video. But, STU48, the latest sister group of AKB48, just uploaded their debut. It’s probably worth 1:22 minutes of your time (we don’t get much more than last bit of the chorus). The song “Setouchi no Koe” is a syrup ballad: sweet and slow moving. The real attraction here is an introduction to the girls and sweeping looks at the Japanese coastline. You’ll see boats and harbors and beaches and rocky coastlines a-plenty as the camera drone works overtime. Of course, the STU in STU48 is Setouchi, that body of water separating Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu (this is a geography quiz, too). If anything, I like seeing the local flavor of Japan, because Japan is much more than just Tokyo. Leave your approval or disapproval below!

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