New PV Alert: STU48 – Mubo na Yume wa Sameru Koto ga Nai

“Mubo na yume wa sameru koto ga nai (無謀な夢は覚めることがない)”, the fourth single from STU48, gets a promotional video release. In pure white, the girls of the group dance on the beaches of their Setouchi waters. Upbeat and with a Latin flair, STU48 amplify the dancability factor on this go around. As the sun descends into its Golden Hour radiance, we see the inspirational beauty of the region firsthand. “Mubo na yume wa sameru koto ga nai” goes on sale January 29, 2020.





STU48 promoting “Mubo na Yume wa Sameru Koto ga Nai”



STU48 (Setouchi48) is a Japanese idol group and sister group of AKB48. FOrmed in 2017, STU48 is named after the Setouchi Region and is the first member of AKB48 Group to have a shipboard theater (船上劇場 senjō gekijō). The group is co-owned by the tourism board of Setouchi Region and is highly involved in their promotional efforts.
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