New PV Alert: Spica no Yoru – 22 Moji no Love Letter

Spica no Yoru’s new promotional video just hit the internets. While “22 moji no Love Letter” offers no more than a live shot performance, some really good camera work went into the making of this video pushing it just past many of the live shots that roll across my desk. Raura Iida (ex-Sakura Gakuin) and Yuika Shima (ex-Karen Girls) definitely show off the skills they acquired in their previous acts with sharp choreography and coordination – there’s nothing amateur about this performance. If you’re into the chiptune sounds, you’ll be rewarded with a blend of 8-bit sounds and the modern behind the catchy melodies. My only downside is a lack of links to their forthcoming mini-album release “Tokyo Days, Tokyo Nights”. For now, you can buy Spica no Yoru at Stolabo Tokyo’s online store. Should any more links materialize, I’ll definitely update this page.

Spica no Yoru Official Links
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