Working from the emotional side of the rock spectrum, SPARK SPEAKER release the promotional video to a track from their debut single “SAYONARA / Life is Beautiful”. I don’t blame you if you didn’t hear about their latest single: it was a limited release at the Tower Records Shinjuku store. I am glad we all get a chance to take a listen to “SAYONARA”. Backed by a three peice band that bashes away on the double kick drum, SPARK SPEAKER deliver an impassioned performance that intercuts with a “girls only” performance shot. Suspended lights shining just into the camera’s lens provides all the set decoration that the need. Visual interestingness is added by compositing solo close ups with time lapse images of clouds breaking. “SAYONARA” hits the higher marks on the metronome without heading into ludicrous speed. “SAYONARA” makes a for a great listen than we’ll probably need to wait for if we want physical copies. I’ll definitely update here should copies become available.








Spark Speaker is a Japanese rock idol unit. They were formerly known as DINOSAUR BRAIN and performed EDM music before changing their name and concept in October, 2016. The current lineup includes Mikase Fuuko (三瀬ふう子), Sugihara Yukina (杉原由規奈), Asahi Kouseira (朝日向星羅), Kiyama Shizuka (木山しずか).
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