New PV Alert: Sorano Aozora – Gorilla

Finishing off her promotional cycle for her latest single, Sorano Aozaora releases her promotional video for “Gorilla”. Given the look of karaoke videos of the kind you’d find on a late Friday night session with friends, “Gorilla” fills itself with lyrics and random images which may or may not include primates. If anything is consistent, Aozora in her many roles gives us a nice look at the idol. And of course, there are gorillas. The green screen shots and grainy karaoke images are pretty funny to watch, but the hard core electronic sounds will be things that keep you coming back to the jungle. “Gorilla” is a great way to cap off our look at this solo idol. We’ll keep an eye for her in the future for you. Sorano Aozora’s sixth single “Chou soku / Gorilla” is in stores now.





Sorano Aozora promoting “Chou soku”



SORANO AOZORA (空野青空) is a solo Japanese idol who began activities in 2014. “Aonyan” is a self-professed big fan of Mobile Suit Gundam and Detective Conan. A veteran of many Tokyo Idol Festival Performances, Aozora aims to deliver love and healing to her otaku fans. Sorano Aozaora is represented by toomidol.
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