New PV Alert: SKE48 – Stand by you

Time ticks away incessantly. In unison, the girls of SKE48 clap their books on their table, and rip off their seifuku to reveal an orange and white performance outfit. This is the schoolyard fantasy of SKE48 and their latest release “Stand by you”. The girls get their dance shot in the classroom and make use of the tables as a multi-layered set device. And though you might wonder about the outfit colors, the front-to-back two-tone gets put to great use and adds great visual flair to the dance. SKE48 even get in on the formation dance routine with wonderfully undulating flowers and stars. The idol pop plays a simple melody the gets a rhythmic boost from off-beat claps to complement the driving 4/4 beat. “Stand by you”, the 24th single for SKE48, goes on sale December 12, 2018.





SKE48 promoting “Stand by you”

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