New PV Alert: SKE48 – Ikinari Punchline

Red is the color of fire, passion, and the new single from SKE48. “Ikinari Punchline” puts SKE48 member and SSK winner Matsui Jurina front and center for its stage show spectacular of a promotional video. Jurina wears the pants here at SKE48, literally. Perhaps as a sign of her supremacy over all things 48, Jurina dons the suitings of the big boss. Meanwhile, the senbatsu execute a high energy routine with turns and floor work enough to tire you out just by watching. Aerial silk dancers twirl and pose around the stage and the girls of SKE pair off and dance sensually. And, hey is that candle wax dripping down bare skin? One thing is for sure: “Ikinari Punchline” is a show and a half. The horns and melodic turns give the impression of a latin rhythm without the song actually playing many latin rhythms. Not that any of this really matters with a chorus specifically designed to worm its way into your ear like you just had a bad date with Khan Noonien Singh.



SKE48 profile image
SKE48 promoting “Ikinari Punchline”

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