From SiAM&POPTUNe’s October mini-album “TUNe UP!!” we get the promotional video for “STAR LIGHT”. Like the song title implies, we get to see lots of shots of the girls under the starry night sky. This PV can be broken down into three different kinds of shots: night dance shot, evening dance shots, and nighttime solo close-ups. While none of the production is particularly high budget, a nice honestly is projected through the almost-naturalistic views of the girls as they sing under the stars illuminated by street lamps. The nighttime dance shots also have the added novelty of an animated Grand Drape and hand drawn accents to the choreography. I think the animation is a nice touch and really makes the girls’ movements come to life. The song’s merits lie in its simplicity of arrangement and a great climbing melody. “STAR LIGHT” does a great job evoking emotion, which carries SiAM&POPTUNe much further than many high-priced promotional videos could.

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Mini Album

Mini Album

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