New PV Alert: Shingeki – Zankyou Catastrophe

Shinshitodoroku, gekijounogotoku, more popularly known as Shingeki, make their debut on the New PV Alerts system with their 2nd of four straight weeks of PV releases (the first in the series, STAGE, can be found here). The word from above was that I needed to get on the Shingeki train with my reports since they were releasing a ton of new material. So here we are. I don’t really know much about the group tbh , but I’m certainly willing to learn more (maybe you can drop some knowledge on me in the comments below). “Zankyou Catastrophe” meanders between the idol synth metal style and the dropped beats of a rap piece. The stylistic changes gives the impression of an epic undertaking that’s backed up handedly with the mountain of guitars heard during the chorus of the song. Just beyond the girls and the exposed midriff under those lab coats, get get the hint of a black masked trio of musicians. My impressions of Shingeki are that of a group that seems intent on shocking the viewer into compliance by any means necessary. That’s not really a bad thing, and the girls are plenty cute enough for the strategically exposed flesh to make an impact. I’ll see you next week for more of Shingeki, right?




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