New PV Alert: Shingeki – Natsu-goe semishigure

A couple of lineup changes for Shingeki transpired since we saw them last; but they are back here again with “Natsu-goe semishigure (夏声蝉時雨)”. Shingeki’s alt-idol sounds are in full-effect still with growling bass guitars and quick tempo to distinguish the song from more traditional affairs. The PV starts with a pretty length intro of the girls ostensibly walking back from school in their uniforms, and you can just feel the heat of summer. Things elevate to a traning camp style summer episode with dance practice, the always popular watermelon opening, and a little bit of drama thrown in. Shingeki are always pretty good about offering their viewers a little bit (or a lot bit) of fan service in their PVs, and in this one we get a fair amount of whatever you’re pleasure is.

Shingeki promoting “Natsugoe semishigure”

Shinshitodoroku, gekijounogotoku (神使轟く、激情の如く) commonly known as Shingeki are a Japanese idol unit that debuted on September 20, 2017. The group is a super individuality group with the concept of “a music mix rock idol used by gods that has come down to bring about a revolution in the idol industry .” Shingeki have two aspects: “rock coolness” and “pop cuteness”. The group produces high-quality music and emotional performances. SHINGEKI currently includes members Jikkuri Kotono (実久里 ことの), Ikuggaki Imoko (生牡蠣 いもこ), Ruisen Amane (涙染 あまね), Futsuka Yoiko (二日 よいこ), Fairy Kaname (妖精 かなめ), Mikasa Eva (三笠 エヴァ), and TiNA, (てぃな).
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