New PV Alert: Shingeki – Bukiyou HERO

New music from Shingeki makes its way to the New PV Alerts today from Shingeki. “Bokiyou HERO (不器用HERO)” puts the group on a rooftop danceshot with lights frenetically tracing lines from the upstage. A fence makes for a nice backdrop until you see the lights of Tokyo behind the formations. Shingeki also gives us an office space drama arranged cleverly like a manga strip. The girls puckishly play support to the suffering office crew in an action that meshes nicely with the group’s idol roots. In keeping form for Shingeki, the musical outputs puts some heavy guitars and noodling leads in the arrangement for an alt idol ear overload.

Shingeki promoting “Natsugoe semishigure”

Shinshitodoroku, gekijounogotoku (神使轟く、激情の如く) commonly known as Shingeki are a Japanese idol unit that debuted on September 20, 2017. The group is a super individuality group with the concept of “a music mix rock idol used by gods that has come down to bring about a revolution in the idol industry .” Shingeki have two aspects: “rock coolness” and “pop cuteness”. The group produces high-quality music and emotional performances. SHINGEKI currently includes members Jikkuri Kotono (実久里 ことの), Ikuggaki Imoko (生牡蠣 いもこ), Ruisen Amane (涙染 あまね), Futsuka Yoiko (二日 よいこ), Fairy Kaname (妖精 かなめ), Mikasa Eva (三笠 エヴァ), and TiNA

Fushichou Shiori a.k.a. Phoenix (不死鳥しおり a.k.a フェニックス), Wonderland Botan (夢国 ぼたん), and .
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