New PV Alert: Shiina Pikarin – Kakunin jiko: Shiawase toka ni tsuite

The latest promotional video from Shiina Pikarin puts the girl in starkly contrasting modes. We first get the bubbly, and angelic (if you judge by the wings) idol personality the girl. But, the devil in the girl doesn’t stay down for very long, and the red glow of hell filters its way into the metalesque sections of “Kakunin jiko: Shiawase toka ni tsuite”. We get images of hands in blenders, scissors shoved through appendages, and safety pins piercing through Pikarin’s cheeks. Kakunin jiko: Shiawase toka ni tsuite” is literally heaven and hell fighting their ways through the same girl. Honestly I don’t know what the deal is with Shiina Pikarin; she’s cute enough to play the angel, but has an impressive growl and crazy eyes that are enough to convince me of her psychosis. “Kakunin jiko: Shiawase toka ni tsuite” is in support of Pikarin’s starring turn in the film “Shoujo Picaresque” and can be purchased as a music card … at venues.



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Shiina Pikarin

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