New PV Alert: Shiina Pikarin – Bababaababumukuuhen★

Shiina Pikarin frolics through an amusement park whilst singing through her witch’s staff and eating cake. The ridiculously titled “Bababaababumukuuhen★” sound’s a bit like an incantation, and certainly Pikarin lives up to the part with a stylistic interpretation that straddles the line between goth and kawaii. For all the roaring coming through between the sung verses, “Bababaababumukuuhen★” never sounds particularly threatening, especially when Pikarin smiles through her parts. Then there’s the hardcore cake eating. For me, the song seems stuck between two worlds- it’s not quite menacing enough and yet not completely kawaii. Pikarin’s definitely not helped by a director whose shot selection seems questionable. Shiina Pikarin herself seems quite the oddball case with her zany antics, offbeat fashion, and squeaky voice. It’s almost as if she’s fighting against herself to avoid becoming just another cute idol singer. Still, there’s something about Shiina Pikarin; I’m curious about where she’s headed with all of this. Shiina Pikarin’s “Bababaababumukuuhen★/Geboku GEBO GEBO !!” hits stores on May 3, 2017.

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