New PV Alert: Shiina Hikari – hate!hate!hate!

Dipping further into the idol metal today is Shiina Hikari with her promotional video for “hate!hate!hate!”. Now with that kind of title, you should expect something abrasive, and Hikari doesn’t disappoint here. Ears get a proper assault from the double kick-drum and the metal guitar licks churn respectably. Pikarin, or Hikari, or whatever we’re calling her, gets things off visually twitching in a bathtub, or locked in a straight jacket, or lying on a doctor’s slab. We also get images of horned masks, spooky forests, and men repeatedly stabbing a suspicious looking piece of meat. All this imagery makes me believe that Hikari wants us to buy the narrative of herself as the product of a mad experiment that took her from the asylum, to the OR table, to a bathtub filled with ice. Perhaps a piece of her humanity was taken from her, and if you believe some viewpoints of idol culture in Japan she may have a point.





Shiina Hikari

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