New PV Alert: Seno Sister X O’CHAWANZ – I WANT YOU BACK

Today on the New PV Alerts we have a collaboration from a pair of groups that we haven’t heard from in a while. Seno Sister from Fukui gets together with O’CHAWANZ (featuring the much traveled Sugarsugar lala). The musical offering edges the hip hop and pop borders with a singable chorus and the kind funky instrumental tracks that SecondFactory seems to consistently produce. The girls wear striped t-shirts and jeans look of O’CHAWANZ’s Episode V album from last year. A signature part of the look of “I WANT YOU BACK” is the sun visors obscuring their faces; I have to confess that even in the brief flashes of their faces I couldn’t tell you which girl is which. I do enjoy the track (I seem to enjoy most tracks from SecondFactory), and I encourage you to give it a listen ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of idol hip hop. Unfortunately I could not find any links for “I WANT YOU BACK”, so it will have to live in this short promotional video.

Seno Sister

SENO SISTER (せのしすたぁ) is an idol group from Fukui Japan. The group is characterized by a lively and laughing live performance that enlivens the entire venue, involving non-fans. Try to get down to the floor during the live performance, hang on the ceiling, try to speak the audience skillfully, … a style to do anything to excite. Seno Sister’s current lineup includes members Mao (まお) and Yutan (ゆーたん).
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O’CHAWANZ (オチャワンズ) is a Japanese female hip hop idol group affiliated with SecondFactory. The group was started by leader Sugarsugar lala (しゅがしゅらら), a member of the then-recently dissolved Koutei Camera Girl Zwei, and was produced by ROMANTIC PRODUCTION (lyrical school, Rhymberry, MIKA☆RIKA, etc.). In 2017, Lala joined SAKA-SAMA as a limited time member and started the unit WEST SIDE PRINT CLUB, leading to a hiatus of O’CHAWANZ. O’CHAWANZ restarted March 2018. O’CHAWANZ’s current lineup includes members Sugarsugar lala (しゅがしゅらら) (Leader), Ichico Nico (いちこにこ) (Joined March 31, 2018), and Lil Hakase (りるはかせ) (DJ) (Joined March 31, 2018).
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