New PV Alert: SAWA – Bijin Hakumei Aegean Kai

SAWA, the singer songwriter who made her debut back in 2009, gets back to business with the release of her mini album “Bijin Hakumei Aegean Kai” and the PV for its eponymous title track. The look of the PV is that of the cleanup crew from a public bath enjoying the empty facilities with a glorious dance break. In a white t-shirt and red shorts, SAWA scrubs up the tile floor barefoot before the song starts to blare over the loudspeakers. And, boy does SAWA come to life. The happy-go-lucky music of “Bijin Hakumei Aegean Kai” enlivens the singer to work on her choreography with enthusiastic arm waves, twirls, and jumps around the bath house. If you’ve ever worked as late night cleanup crew, you’ve probably had a similar “no one is looking, let’s just dance!” moment (I know I have!). “Bijin Hakumei Aegean Kai” is earnest, enthusiastic, and definitely worth a listen. “Bijin Hakumei Aegean Kai” goes on sale April 17, 2019.





SAWA promoting “Bijin Hakumei Aegean Kai”



SAWA (サワ) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and DJ. SAWA first appeared in 2003 as a member of the group Jack Knife under Stardust Management. The group performed cover routines live and disbanded in April 2004 without releasing any material. In 2009, Sawa made her major label debut on Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s sublabel, Epic Records, releasing two mini-albums: “I Can Fly” and “Swimming Dancing”. In 2012, SAWA penned and composed the title track of now disbanded 80s/90s revivalist idol/girl unit, Especia‘s debut single “ミッドナイトConfusion” (Midnight Confusion) and has gone on to pen tracks for Terashima Yufu, KOTO, Idol Reneaissance, and others. SAWA is currently signed under KING RECORDS.
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