New PV Alert: Sasaki Ayaka – My Cherry Pie

Grease back your pompadour with Sasaki Ayaka with her 50’s inspired new promotional video “My Cherry Pie”. Sure, the leather jackets, poodle skirts, and rockabilly beats transports one back to the Eisenhower administration. For me the scaffold sets combined with the early rock ‘n’ roll sounds screams “Jailhouse Rock“, but it would be extremely unfair to make that comparison wholly since “My Cherry Pie” is soooo much more. You can’t get very far without noting that Ayaka is double cast as our greaser hero and the pink lady object of affection. The choreography is sharp and convincing, and Ayaka sings with great confidence that makes me feel like she is underutilized in Momoiro Clover Z. I’ll also note that I enjoy “My Cherry Pie” much more than any offering from Ayaka’s main group in the last few years. Give the platter a spin, and Sasaki Ayaka will meet you at the jukebox with “My Cherry Pie” on August 23, 2017.

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