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The limited time group for @JAM EXPO 2017 is Sakura No Yume. The trio of Ando Sakura from Tsuri Bit, Ichinose Mika from Kamiyado, and Abe Yumeri from SUPER☆GiRLS absolutely shine in this upbeat clip. Wearing their pure whites, we see the girls onstage performing, backstage in photoshoots, and recording their song. Sakura No Yume。 is a limited time group that lasts only from @JAM 2017 to @JAM EXPO 2017- roughly the summertime of 2017. Sakura, Mika, and Yumeri look great together, sound great together, and seem to have some amount of chemistry, so I’ll be a bit sad when the group wraps up their activities in late August. But, then again we’ll have another great @JAM EXPO to end it all, so we’re all the better for that. With a lineup that featured 165 acts last year, @JAM EXPO should be on everybody’s radar. Get yourself ready by following the links below.

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