New PV Alert: Sakura Ebis – Lindbergh

The young Stardust Productions group have a shining new promotional video for you. Bathed in no small amounts of light coming from all corners of the screen, “Lindbergh” dares to take the girls of Sakura Ebis into the great blue yonder. The disco inflections of this new digital single get a little 80s filter with some big drum fills and vintage drum machine sounds. Pink colors prevail on shots of Sakura Ebis amidst artifacts of what looks to me like one helluva 80s themed sleepover. Mini televisions, damask cushions, and mirror balls ever present lens flares decorate the shots of the members in some of the best casual wear I’ve seen the group wear. Live shots of the group get a likewise treatment filmwise. These live performances coupled with another winning song arrangement keep Sakura Ebis atop the list of new Stardust Groups. You can buy “Lindbergh”, the new digital single from Sakura Ebis, by following the links below.



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Sakura Ebis

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