New PV Alert: Sakura Cinderella – Sakura Hirahira

[Note: This promotional video is currently blocked in North America]

A second major single from Sakura Cinderella puts the group under a paper moon for a stage set performance of “Sakura hirahira (さくらヒラヒラ)”. With luminous white dresses, the girls certainly look great in the staged darkness. The cherry blossoms waft about the idol group attractively and appropriately given the season. “Sakura Hirahira”. The musical offering is introspective pop with orchestral strings backing the melody romantically whilst a piano plays a major instrumental role. But, really there’s nothing quite like the look of beautiful young girls under the faux moonlight amidst the swirling petals. They say it’s 5 centimeters per second, right? Sakura Cinderella’s “Sakura Hirahira”, the group’s second major single, goes on sale March 27, 2019.





Sakura Cinderella promoting “Ring”



Sakura Cinderella (さくらシンデレラ) is an idol group that debuted on October 1, 2014. The group has two theaters: Akihabara Idol Stage and Shinjuku Idol Stage. Performed 1,500 LIVE shows in 2016. Outside of the exclusive theater, perform regular performances and solo shows at Roppongi’s Nicofare. Sakura Cinderalla made its major debut through Universal Music on December 26, 2018 with the single “White Magic Love”. Sakura Cinderella’s current lineup currently includes members Ose Moe (桜瀬もえ), Natsuki Non (夏生のん), Miwa Haruka (美和花樺), Hoshino Shizuku (星野雫), Futaba Mikina (双葉みきな), Watanabe Shiori (渡辺栞), Fujisaki Hana (藤咲はな), Takashima Moeko (高島萌子), Takanashi Nanase (小鳥遊七星), Oshima Hikari (大嶋ひかり), Shinosaki Sena (紫乃崎星那), and Minami Rara (南ララ).
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