New PV Alert: SAiNT SEX – WACK is FXXK

Anyone feel like a WACK shuffle unit? SAiNT SEX puts together BiS’s Pour Lui and Kamiya Saki, BiSH’s Aina The End and Ayuni D, and GANG PARADE’s Aya Eight Prince, Yumeno Yua, and Yamamachi Miki. This first of its kind collaboration really puts the idea of WACK as its own constellation of alt idol groups out in the open. Archival footage from the girls’ past releases mixes with strikingly lit new shots of the girls in an empty warehouse comprise the bulk. Oh yeah, there’s also some random footage of animals, melting snow, dinosaurs (rawr), and sperm meeting egg thrown into the mix. SAiNT SEX, if nothing else, is a great collection of some of WACK’s most magnetic girls. Chances are one of your favorites is included in this shuffle. “WACK is FXXK” is a limited release sold only at Tower Records, so your (and my) chance of picking up a copy is slim. Good luck, y’all.


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