New PV Alert: RYUTist – Sensitive Sign

When Spring hits, those idols do come out in drove for their latest release, don’t they? That lit bit of editorializing aside, today I have the pleasure of showing to you the latest promotional video from Niigata’s RYUTist, “Sensitive Sign (センシティブサイン)”. The buttery guitar tones that tickle your ears in the opening should be an indication of what to expect here: classically arranged, clean as a whistle pop. Horns enliven the arrangement along with padding strings, bells, and a vintage synthesizer solo. “Sensitive Sign” was a delight for me to listen to. The girls themselves get up to seasonal fun with trips around town for refreshing beverages. Ultimately, the girls find themselves at the beach with colorful flags waving in the breeze. “Sensitive Sign”, the 7th single from RYUTist goes on sale April 23, 2019. Get it!




RYUTist promoting “Sensitive sign”



RYUTIST (りゅーてぃすと, stylized RYUTist) is a Japanese female idol group based in Niigata. RYUTist formed in May 2011. The name of the group is a contraction of the words “Ryuto” (柳都), which is a nickname for Niigata city, and “Artist”. RYUTist held their 1st live performance in July 2011 and is affiliated with Ryuto Artist Farm. RYUTist’s current lineup includes members Ikarashi Muu (五十嵐 夢羽), Uno Tomoe (宇野 友恵), Yokoyama Miku (横山 実郁), and Satou Nonoko (佐藤 乃々子).
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