New PV Alert: Run Girls, Run! – Kiratto start

The little sister group of Wake Up! Girls get a start with this OP theme from the anime “Kiratto Pri☆chan”. The group date puts the Run Girls, Run! on Takeshita-dori for an Instagrammable day of selfies and indulgences. Out together at an outdoor cafe, sweet whipped-cream topped waffles and crepes get a taste on the sunny day. On the music performance side, the girls look awfully cute in their gauze, pastel skirts and pillbox hats singing cheerfully to the idol pop strains of “Kiratto start”. The choreography is a high kicking affair that looks more than sufficient to raise my beats per minute to dangerous levels. Cute and fresh, Run Girls, Run! could be your new favorite anime idol group turned actual idol group spin off of an idol group anime. You can buy “Kiratto start” in stores on May 2, 2018.



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Run Girls, Run! promoting “Kiratto Start”

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