New PV Alert: Rukatama a go go – Mother of Pearl

What happens when you take the masks of MELONBATAKE A GO GO? Well, you get the wonderfully electro world of Rukatama a go go. “Mother of Pearl” is a solo release from member Rukatama, and I think it’s infatuation worthy. A heavy bass sound envelopes the song with some vintage sounding electro pop from sometime in the 90s. Here, I have to emphasize the pop. “Mother of Pearl” displays some great melodies and singing talent from a girl who you probably thought could twitch and scream on stage. But, no … this is a solid release! The video side features her group mates in the choruses all without their trademark masks. “Mother of Pearl” might just be the push you needed to adore these girls full time. “Mother of Pearl” is available as a single at venues only (I think). There does seem to be a release from Rukatama a go go slated for sometime later this year. You better bet that I’m going to be VERY interested in “RUNNAWAY GIRL” when we get closer to its June 26, 2019 release date.








MELONBATAKE A GO GO is and “IDOL from outer space”. The cute and mischievous quartet came from the melon star in a far away galaxy. MELONBATAKE A GO GO was formed in 2016 and started activities that same year. MELONBATAKE A GO GO is produced by Kinoshite Moritaka from THE MONSTER A GOGO’S. The group includes members Nakamura Soze (中村ソゼ), Rutakame Run (琉陀瓶ルン), Rukatama (ルカタマ), Sakimura Yuffie (崎村ゆふぃ).
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