New PV Alert: ROSE A REAL – Thank you

“Thank y☆u” from former Cheeky Parade members extends the duo’s string of PV releases to FIVE songs. I’m quite partial to this one: the footage from “Thank y☆u” features lots of the the Suzuki sisters on the riverside embankment we’ve seen on past PVs with a guest starring role from Mariya’s pet doggo, Jonah (iirc). Perhaps the big plus here is seeing all the archival footage of the girls as toddlers. Together with the footage of the girls goofing off, one gets a real feeling of sisterly love between Yuriya and Mariya. Well done, girls.








ROSE A REAL formed on September 8, 2018, and is the sister duo of Suzuki Yuriya (鈴木友梨耶) and Suzuki Mariya (鈴木真梨耶), both formerly of the iDOL Street group CHEEKY PARADE.
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