New PV Alert: Rosario+Cross – Shichitenhattou no Mukou-gawa

From their January 30, 2017 release, the girls of Rosario+Cross freshly release a promotional video for their coupling track, “Shichitenhattou no Mukou-gawa”. For those of us in the office game, watching the girls mime out the frustrations of the cubicle set proves a cathartic act. Even better, you can watch the fun choreography of Rosario+Cross in 60 fps, which makes the movements of the girls and their “from behind the screen” mugging much more visually interesting. With all of the face time, I think I got a better feel for the girls through this PV than any of their other works. Musically, I found the song groovy with its live instrumentation and piano heavy arrangement. Of course, “Shichitenhattou no Mukou-gawa” is the b-side from a two-month old single- and that shows itself in other production values.



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