New PV Alert: Rock A Japonica – Tambourine Ringring

Now, things get a little sticky. Remember the Rock A Japonica’s “Venue Only” Single from the “Dreaming Road” PV Alert? Well, now we have an A-side promotional video for a single that most of us can’t actually get! But, perhaps we should count our blessings instead of gripe. “Tambourine Ringring” is a great guitar pop song. The girls keep the school uniform look intact with some rather conservative looking blazers and skirts, and execute a very nice roof top dance shot. “Tambouring Rinring” is filled with the kind of optimism and hopefulness that typifies the beginning of a new school year, yet is still necessary in quantity. Honestly, if “Tambourine Ringring” was available commercially, I would snatch it up because this is quality idol pop.

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