New PV Alert: Rock A Japonica – Dreaming Road

Rock A Japonica’s trip down memory lane comes in the form of “Dreaming Road”. Archival footage of the group as they meet their challenges comprises the majority of what you’ll see in this promotional video. The nostalgia and amusement of watching the group transition through their various single release outfits never wears thin. I also enjoy seeing the recording footage as the girls dress comfortably in sweatshirts and eyeglasses. “Dreaming Road” brings us right up-to-date with the reveal of the “Rock A Japonica 4th Tour, ~Revenge for 1000~”. “Dreaming Road” can be found on the “venue only” single “Tambourine Rin Rin” (Dream Edition). Now that we are all caught up, how about that 4th single?

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