New PV Alert: RHYMEBERRY – Thing For You

It’s a sad time around these parts as New School Kaidan favorites RHYMEBERRY disband as of the end of May. Perhaps “Thing for you” stands as the groups final testament, and is almost certainly the group’s final promotional video. Pasted together from live performance footage, we can all together relive the glory days of the rap idol group in their final configuration with MC MIRI, DJ OMOCHI, and MC YUIKA. There’s a definite bittersweet sadness that weaves its way through the song with the sing-song counterpoints to MIRI distinctive rap. Well, here it is; and here it will remain. Did you get a chance to see RHYMEBERRY before they disbanded? Tell us more in the comments below! “Thing For You”, the final single from RHYMEBERRY, is on sale now at the retailers listed below.

RHYMEBERRY promoting “Thing For You”


Rhymeberry (ライムベリー) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2011. RHYMEBERRY perform rap and hip hop songs. The members of the idol unit were selected from usa☆usa Girls (usa☆usa少女倶楽部) in 2011 and their first producer was E TICKET PRODUCTION. RHYMEBERRY disbanded May 31, 2019 with a final lineup that included MC MIRI, DJ OMOCHI (Joined July 22, 2016), and MC YUIKA (Joined June 16, 2017).
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