New PV Alert: raymay – Godou

Hitting like a brick at the bottom stocking, raymay strike back with a new single and a new member. “Godou (悟道)” rocks out with a double kick drum and guitars all over your face on this event only release. raymay definitely should work for those of you who are looking for something harder from your idols. Video-wise, the girls cavort wildly at a ramen shoppe until the ultimate transformation; at this point “Godou” is pure monster movie. With a two minute run-time, “Godou” is a pure hit machine that everyone should enjoy.


RAYMAY made their debut on December 24, 2018. They are the sister group of uijin. Raymay’s current lineup includes members Shoko (しょこ), Kiko (きーこ), Coa (こあ), and Rin (りん).
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