New PV Alert: QUEENS – Flagship

The “DANCE ROCK IDOL” unit QUEENS drop the promotional video for their second single “Flagship”. The girls get some nightlife into their sould with solo shots of the girls in the night air in a about Tokyo. Stylish in attire with attitude oozing from every pore, QUEENS seem to have the personality needed to take things to the next level. Dance shots places the unit on a dance floor with monitors adorning above-decks and LED lights coloring the group’s monochromatic performance outfits. There may not be a shortage of idol groups with a rock sound, but QUEENS seems intent on eschewing the shock factor and making their way with quality performances. At this point, I would direct you to buying links for “Flagship”, but I’m not seeing it on any of the usual sites. So, enjoy this video nugget from QUEENS and pray for a more widespread release.





QUEENS promoting “Flagship”

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