New PV Alert: predia – Kindan no Masquerade

Predia comes strong with their 5th single promotional video. The guitars have serious muscle, the girls sing like dinner’s on the table, and the choreography’s sharper than the steak knives on the placemat. The strong honey gold motif gives way to some sexy black leather midway through the video, and I’m not sure which outfit I find sexier. With little more than some great costumes and dramatic lighting, “Kindan no Masquesrade” manages to hold interest- maybe it’s all the shots of the girls eating honey-dipped fruit. More than anything, there’s real attitude dripping from every one of “Kindan no Masquerade’s” many synthesizer licks. In particular, I love the way the vocals explode to start the B melodies. BOOM! You can buy predia’s “Kindan no Masquerade” on January 25, 2017.

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Type B Single Maxi | CDJapan | YesAsia

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