New PV Alert: predia – Curtain Call

“Curtain Call”, the 8th single from predia continues the mature and sexy grooves from the group. Handclaps and vampy horns develop a slinky tune that might be equally at home on the Broadway stage as it would be spinning about the stripper pole. Short skirts and horizontal fringes color the girls in black and white for this mid-tempo vamp. Dance shots put the group in front of Vegas Billboard style “LIFE” signage and later Norman windows that recall a “Jailhouse Rock” musical. Other scenes include the girls sitting around the couch like it was predia TV nite at the dorm and backstage as the girls glam themselves up for another fabulous performance. If you are in the business of predia, then you know you are in store for confident vocals, confidently seductive dances, and a cock-sure delivery. The musical style funk of “Curtain Call” certainly delivers on that promise. “Curtain Call”, the 8th major single from predia goes on sale August 22, 2018 with three different types to choose from.



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predia promoting “Fabulous”

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