New PV Alert: Pimm’s – Kimi to boku

Climbing into the camper van, we have Pimm’s with their latest digital single release “Kimi to boku”. The group gets green plaid and white collars in its back for a promotional video that should remind you of those fond summers you had driving out to the middle of nowhere and sleeping in a converted vehicle. In the red and white camper, the girls look like a party is breaking out as they wink for the camera and lip the lyrics. The dance shot dominates the PV, and that’s a good thing since the girls are looking really great in “Kimi to boku”. Pimm’s also looks to stick to their trend of providing a soundtrack that strays to the rock side of the idol world. Don’t worry: solid pop melodies still dominates the arrangement, and I don’t Pimm’s to head down the screamo route anytime soon. But, if you are looking for a solid idol unit with great looking members then I think Pimm’s should be in your conversation. “Kimi to boku” is available now at the digital retailers listed below.





Pimm’s promoting “Kimi to boku”



Pimm’s (ピムス)is a Japanese female rock idol unit. Pimm’s was formed in 2012 through a TBS web TV program. The group launched in 2013 as an idol unit featuring girl models. After several member changes and concept changes, Pimm’s made their major debut in 2017. Pimm’s current lineup includes Gunji Erisa (郡司英里沙), Kobayashi Chie (小林智絵), Yamada Minami (山田南実), Kawasaki Yuna (川崎優菜), Yamaguchi Saya (山口紗弥), Kurita Mari (栗田麻理), and Shintani Mayu (新谷真由).
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