New PV Alert: PiiiiiiiN – Youshanaku Nige Tetta Mirai

PiiiiiiiN release perhaps their most ambitious promotional video to date in advance of their album “Youshanaku Nige Tetta Mirai”. I’m certainly impressed by the JxSxK / Matsukuma Kenta (BiS, BiSH, etc.) production which gives the girls a properly passionate and emotional song to deliver. The six girls receive simple yet captivating styling with black dresses that compliment the desaturated palette and ethereal feel of the PV. “Youshanaku Nige Tetta Mirai” delivers flashbacks and reminisces with song member solo shots that highlight the appeal of each girl’s look. Seriously, the girls’ mature looks suit them greatly. “Youshanaku Nige Tetta Mirai” gets an October 25, 2016 release date, which will have already passed by the time you read this.

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