New PV Alert: PiiiiiiiN – Jumping

The new lineup of PiiiiiiiN finally have something for us with the release of their first single “Jumping / Kokuban no melody”. The promotional video for “Jumping” puts the new set of idol in a high school fantasy of the kind that makes for good copy. The girls get a cute and modern set of school uniforms with neckties, cardigans, and short navy skirts. On the rooftops, PiiiiiiiN practices their choreography like your favorite set of anime idols, and the girls get up to a few hijinks in the classrooms, corridors, and grounds of the campus. I love seeing all the vibrant energy as the girls film each other for the PV. Even more, I love the pop punk arrangements of “Jumping”. The song is filled with vocal harmonies and backing vocals in long tones that add a dimension missing from many idol projects. PiiiiiiiN don the plaid patterns you’d expect from the group by the time we get to a gym performance, so there’s a bit of continuity here between this iteration of PiiiiiiiN and the lineup that graduated en masse in 2017. If this is PiiiiiiiN’s jumping off point, then we can expect great things from the group. “Jumping / Kokuban no melody”, the first single from the new PiiiiiiiN, goes on sale March 12, 2019.





PiiiiiiiN promoting “Jumping”


ABOUT PiiiiiiiN

PiiiiiiiN (ピーン) is a Japanese idol group formed in December 2013 with the concept of youthful rock. The original lineup disbanded on May 5, 2017, and a new lineup formed on May 26, 2018. They were the sister group of PPP! PiXiON. PiiiiiiiN’s current lineup includes members Hiwabuchi Hina (岩渕ひな), Ueno Rimi (上野りみ), Nakao Miki (中尾みき), Nasu Hohimi (那須笑美), Haraguchi Minami (原口みなみ), Maeda Ive (前田イブ), and Miki Asuka (美希あすか).


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