New PV Alert: Pandamic – Tomaranai BGM

From the same people who brought you SiAM&POPTUNe and sora tob sakana we get the new idol unit Pandamic. And, like their cousin groups, Pandamic provide a ambitious musical palette. The group cool down on the all-out prog of sora tob sakana and opt for a styles that lean closer to pop with a few “mathy” leanings. Pandamic is composed of middle-school girls, so you have to get over your fear of listening to youngin’s, but based on pedigree and talent, i would say that the Panda group from Zi:zoo is worth keeping tabs on. Here in “Tomaranai BGM”, the five girls play at holding instrument in a warehouse and keep warm at the trash can fires downstage of their instruments. There’s an interesting point in “Tomaranai BGM” where Pandamic drop their instruments dramatically as though they are saying “we don’t need these, we’re idols!”. Soon after smashing the guitars, Pandamic wear the face makeup of pandas to (perhaps) symbolize their complete surrender to the animal life. The second single from Pandamic, “Tomaranai BGM” will get a September 2018 release, and I promise to link it here at New School Kaidan as soon as links become available!



Pandamic profile image
Pandamic promoting “Sukina Youbi wa xx”

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