New PV Alert: Pandamic – BOOM IT!!

After a quick member change the third Frappe Idol Project group is ready for their first mini album and a new promotional video. I know the whole panda thing sounds like a helluva gimmick, but when I consider the pedigree of the production team behind Pandamic I don’t really think that it’ll be a problem. “BOOM IT!!” plays with some disjointed rhythms on the electric guitar like a new wave player getting funky with her Orange amp. All this means that Pandamic doesn’t sound like the fluffy idol concept that you might expect. The promotional video keeps the members at a distance for most of the promotional video with a dimly lit dance shot that shrouds the young members of the group in darkness for most of the run time. The few close ups fail to illuminate things much, but that’s okay by me: the substance of the arrangement needs some bold stylistic choices to distract from the alarmingly young average age of the group. Like their older sisters in the Project, I hope to see the group grow together and release more killer tracks in the future. You can find “BOOM IT!!” on Pandamic’s debut mini album “BOOM BOOOM BOOOOM” in stores on June 12, 2019.








PANDAMIC (パンダみっく) is a Japanese idol unit formed on June 7, 2016 a Japanese female idol group as the third unit of Frappe Idol Project (ふらっぺidolぷろじぇくと) following SiAM&POPTUNe and sora tob sakana. The affiliation office is the Theater Academy , and the operating, production and affiliation labels are Flying Penguin Records (Zi: zoo). Pandamic’s concept is the edgy music (black) and the cuteness of childhood full open (white). Panadamic’s current lineup includes members Nakajima Rio (中嶋莉緒), Nomura Niina (野邑仁衣菜), Yamagata Hanna (山縣絆奈), and Tsujimura Pako (辻村羽来).
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