New PV Alert: P.IDL – Natsu! / Natsu! da~

A pair of videos from the P.IDL girls may get your summer off on the right foot.

P.IDL – Natsu!

The summer harmonies are in full swing with the promotional video for P.IDL’s “Natsu tsu!” The girls and their Nagoya sister team get to the pool for games, splashes, and trips down the water slide. The scene moves to beach about halfway through the PV, and we get to watch the girls struggle to get into the waves. With everyone in their swimwear best, you’d probably think “Natsu tsu!” would be shameless fan-service. While the PV is definitely a piece of service to the fans, it’s not as shameless as you might think. For the most part, the girls are just having some fun. I’d say something about the pop vocals and harmonies of the song’s arrangement, but who are we kidding here.



P.IDL – Natsu! da~

For the follow-up to the summer fun double feature, we get the girls of P.IDL and P.IDL Nagoya lifting their shirts to expose their swimwear bodies. Continuing at the beach where we left off at the last PV, the P.IDL suffer the extreme zooms and camera pans onto their anatomy. Yes, the girls do look great with their bikini bodies, and you could probably enjoy this PV purely by checking out the underwater shots of the girls as they ride their inflatable rafts. But, like “Natsu!” before this song has some solid pop melodies that could find their way into your psyche. If you are looking for something for you 2018 summer soundtrack that’s off the fairway from mainstream idol yet still fun and memorable, P.IDL may have your number.



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