New PV Alert: Oyasumi Hologram – plan

In the artificial world of promotional videos, Oyasumi Hologram have taken things to even further artifice with their promotional video for “plan”. The length 12 minute clip looks like a music show straight from the 80s with its mish-mash of fashion from the guests. When the time come for Oyasumi Hologram, they come out in their leather dresses, fishnet stockings, and bad attitudes. I can barely contain myself looking at their sour faces while watching actual clips of themselves from the past. Then the music starts with Oyasumi Hologram playing a “metal queen unit”. The metal version of their song “plan” is something to behold: double kick drums and double time beats adorn the arrangement of a song that has been part of the duo’s repertoire for a while. If this is your favorite version of “plan”, then I don’t really blame you. Given that “plan” was released on April 1, I don’t think we’re really seeing a change in style from the duo, but this sure was fun while it lasted, right? You can get the metal version of “plan” from the digital retailers listed below.


Oyasumi Hologram promoting “ghost rider”



Oyasumi Hologram (おやすみホログラム) is a Japanese alternative music duo formed in 2014. Their name is sometimes abbreviated as OyaHolo (おやホロ). Oyasumi Hologram is produced by Ogawa Koichi, who works on the songwriting and composition of all songs. Oyasumi Hologram currently includes members Mochizuki Kanami (望月かなみ) and Hachigatsu-chan (八月ちゃん).
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