New PV Alert: Oyasumi Hologram – ghost rider

The latest promotional video release from Oyasumi Hologram puts the duo behind the wheel of a sports car for the greatest car karaoke ever filmed in Japan. The hood-mounted camera of “ghost rider” captures Kanami and Hachigatsu-chan navigating the Tokyo streets at night as they lip through this latest song. The PV presents a neat trick of editing as the girls cut through different roads while maintaining the song’s continuity. I’m sure it doesn’t matter whether or not Hachigatsu-chan actually commands the Porsche’s drive, but it probably doesn’t matter. “Ghost rider” puts together more indie sounds with a generous layering of plucky guitars and atmospheric keyboards on top of a brisk beat that I found interesting and hummable. Certainly, if you’re used to listening to Oyasumi Hologram the song’s color pallette will sound familiar and yet poppier than ever. You can find “ghost rider” as a digital release from Oyasumi Hologram from the retailers listed below.



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Oyasumi Hologram promoting “ghost rider”

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