New PV Alert: Oyasumi Hologram – fire

Oyasumi Hologram go back to some electronic sounds for their latest digital release, “fire”. Hitting the beach, the duo throw on their brightest clothes for their sunset stroll on the sand. The pair alternate beach shots with a minimum of Tokyo night scenes with vibrant umbrellas providing a shock of color. Kanami and Hachigatsu look quite the pair on the empty country street and the incredible beach lookout of “fire”‘s location shoot. The trembling synth theme heard throughout “fire” provides an unforgettable signature for Oyasumi Hologram as they prepare to head to the United States for a tour. This of course should be the main headline for the promotional video of “fire” : catch up with Oyasumi Hologram as they prepare to meet you in (hopefully) your hometown! Oyasumi Hologram’s digital single “fire” zapped into online retailers on September 21, 2018.



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