New PV Alert: Ototoy Friday – Spring Fever

Ototoy Friday get their indie pop sensibilities in full gear with their split-screened promotional video for “Spring Fever (スプリングフィーバー)”. The group get some tasty guitar leads and wonderfully head expanding keyboard sounds to underscore Minami and Mana’s rap-like delivery before heading into full pop choruses. On the split screen, the girls walk with cameras trained on their weather chilled faces via a body-worn apparatus that gives the footage a selfie feel. The girls done a variety of face masks as they walk down the street, ride on a swing set, and drink coffee. Oh, and there’s an ICBM bend to the story … I guess this is the last Spring Fever ever. You can buy “Spring Fever” in stores from TRASH-UP!! RECORDS starting on May 10, 2019.





Ototoy Friday promoting “Spring Fever”



Ototoy Friday (おとといフライデー) is musical unit of Kojima Minami (小島みなみ) and Sakura Mana (紗倉まな), both of whom are active in a wide range of fields. Formerly known as Otome Frappuccino (乙女フラペチーノ) is a duo made up of two members of SEXY-J. The group released its first single “Ushiro kara Mae kara (後から前から)” in 2014, but began activity in 2016 with a new emphasis on musicality. Their first single to feature original music was 2016’s “Watashi Hotondo Sky Fish / Otome no Enjou (私ほとんどスカイフィッシュ/乙女の炎上)”. Ototoy Friday changed to their current name in March 2017.
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