New PV Alert: Osaka☆Shunkashuto – Dance to the light

From their minialbum “Gachi Agaru High Tension made Yume jyanai Kono Genjitsu” and with Osaka’s Dotonbori behind them, Osaka☆Shunkashuto get an ebullient new promotional video in front of our eyes with “Dance to the light”. Shot on location, the girls bring out the locals for flash mob dance that takes the girls from the canal to the crowded alleyways. In matching white, wide-frame glasses, Osaka☆Shunkashuto make Osaka look like the party town of Japan … and they do it in broad daylight. “Dance to the light” brings the group’s trademark intensity, but tempers the raw emotion with some genuinely goofy, off-the-cuff moments that keeps the song from getting too heavy. And, it’s about time that we saw the Osaka group letting loose, innit? “Dance to the light” is available now on Osaka☆Shunkashuto’s “Gachi Agaru High Tension made Yume jyanai Kono Genjitsu” mini album.

Osaka☆Shunkashuto promoting “Gachi Agaru High Tension made Yume jyanai Kono Genjitsu”

A group of 6 people living in Osaka, MAINA (マイナ), ANNA (アンナ), MANA (マナ), EON (エオン), YUNA (ユナ), and RUNA (ルナ) who are focusing on LIVE as a rock n girl dance and vocal unit. Since children, they went to Happy Time dance school based in Osaka, repeated strict practice, dreamed of making a major debut and applied for numerous auditions, but still failed to give up. The group first formed under the name Manyo Syaonyan (万葉シャオニャン) and were active from 2009 to 2012. In April 2012 Osaka☆Shunkashuto is formed from the thought that we want to convey the beauty of the flowers that bloom in the wonderful seasons and the four seasons with “Song” and “Dance”. In October 2015, the group signed with the Fujiyama Project Japan label. Around the same time, the girls started hosting the new variety show Katayaburi on Kawaiian TV. On October 2, 2017, the group signed with binyl records, a sub-label of avex. They released their first major single “Travelin’ Travelin'” the following day.
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