New PV Alert: OS☆U – I say good bye

Would you believe another version of OS☆U’s “I say good bye” gets a release on the New PV Alerts? The girls are certainly giving back to thecommunity with this version (I believe) produced by the Nihon Kogakuin Hachioji Technical School. On this version, an abbreviated lineup of the group get a stage show set up. In many ways this version feels like the group was studying for an upcoming television performance- that’s how the performance is shot. I honestly feel a little bit talked out with this song, so enjoy this new version!


OS☆U (おーえすゆー) is an idol group from Nagoya. Osu Super idol Unit was formed in 2010 to represent the Osu shopping street in Nagoya and the pop culture therein: anime, maid, otaku, etc. OS☆U is split into two units, pop☆star and smile ☆ star. OS☆U’s current lineup includes Hoshino Maria (星野 麻里愛), Natsukawa Ami (夏川 愛実), Igawa Natsu (井川 なつ), Koda Mei (香田 メイ), Sasaki Natsumi (佐々木 菜摘), Shirato Haruka (白戸 遥), Saito Megu (斉藤 めぐ), Asahi Hina (朝日 ひな), Iseki Moeka (伊咲 萌香), Matsumoto Rico (松本 莉恋), Noda Wakana (野田 若菜), Sunada Shizuku (砂田 雫), Yamamoto Sana (山本 紗愛), Emoto Rina (江本 梨花), and Konatsu Yuana (小夏 ゆあな).
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