New PV Alert: Ooki Yurine – Kamisama ni narenainara

Solo idol Ooki Yurine has her day with the promotional video for her third single “Kamisama ni narenainara”. The upbeat rock arrangement features sime nice overdriven guitars and range stretching vocals. All of that makes sense when Yurine straps on her candy red Fender Jaguar. You see, Yurine wrote and composed “Kamisama ni narenainara” and played guitar during the recording process. It turns out, your girl is quite a talented thing and not just a pretty face for Dear Stage. After wandering about Tokyo for most of the PV, Yurine finishes “Kamisama ni narenainara” on a hilltop fronting for a three piece combo. You can show your love for Ooki Yurine when her single “Kamisama ni narenainara” hits stores in April 2018.



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Ooki Yurine

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