New PV Alert: ONEPIXCEL – Final Call

A fourth single promotional video for the ONEPIXCEL trio breaks through with the release of the funky “Final Call”. Strong dance rhythms and an unexpected melodic shift characterize the sound of this new single. The girls get down to business in a rainforest clearing with a look that might be described as jungle chic. I worry about mosquito bites. This time around, ONEPIXCEL feel more organic than their electronica leaning previous works. Perhaps listening to your calls for more sax, the group include … more sax. This definite funk flair goes down well, and I hope to see ONEPIXCEL making waves on the charts with this release. You can support Ami, Ayaka, and Nanami by purchasing “Final Call” when it hits stores on May 22, 2019.





ONEPIXCEL promoting “Final Call”



ONEPIXCEL (also stylized OnePixcel) (ワンピクセル) is a Japanese pop vocal and dance unit under the Toho Entertainment agency and Nippon Columbia label. The group rose to fame in early 2018 when their major debut track “Lagrima” was used as the 11th ending theme song for the anime series Dragon Ball Super of the widely successful Dragon Ball franchise. ONEPIXCEL currently includes members Kanuma Ami (鹿沼亜美), Den Ayaka (傳彩夏), and former Hello! Project Kenshuusei member Tanabe Nanami (田辺奈菜美).
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