New PV Alert: Okinawa Electric Girl Saya – The back of Shinjuku’s eyes

Citing influences like Massive Attack, Björk, and Portishead, I think it’s about time we took a listen to Okinawa Electric Girl Saya. Muted, vintage colors and a vignette process gives “Shinjuku no me no oku” the desired unsettled atmosphere to Saya’s caterwaul. The focus of the song is the Shinjuku Eye in the downstairs of the Subaru building shown in a number of shots with Saya. It’s iris pulsates hypnotically, and when coupled with the trance-like instrumentals of “Shinjuku no me no oku” the effect becomes quite extraordinary. I’ll keep an eye out for Okinawa Electric Girl Saya: her vintage electronica sounds resonate nicely with my old heart.





Okinawa Electric Girl Saya

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