New PV Alert: Obento Idole – Chopstick

There’s something compelling about this group of girls. Obento Idole call Western Japan their home and use the French spelling for what we know as idols. The Obento Idole project started in 2014, but that doesn’t seem to have much bearing here with “Chopstick”. I found the arrangement and melodies very affecting even though they might be classified by some as run-of-the-mill for the current idol landscape. Juxtaposing images of the girls backstage and at rehearsal with a live house performance and a particularly spectacular ocean front performance drives home the everyday miracles of idols. The group doesn’t seem to be promoting anything in particular, although they are wrapping up the application period for new auditions and additions. Maybe Obento Idole is preparing to make their move. No matter what “Chopstick” remains a great artifact for this brief moment.

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