New PV Alert: Nogizaka46 – Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemoii

With the crowd passing by them, time seems to have stopped for the members of Nogizaka46. And with the graduation of captain Sakurai Reika, it looks like it’s time to reflect on things. “Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemoii (夜明けまで強がらなくてもいい)” puts many of the Nogizaka46 girls in the school uniforms that they’ve worn for most of their lives, but there are other uniforms out there. Watching the rain drop, have a gluttonous moment with breakfast pastries, or slipping into a bath seems to remind the members that life continues regardless. “Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemoii” plays gently driving rhythms propelled by an acoustic guitar not too dissimilar from the group’s current repertoire. A few Latin flourishes (castanets, and plucked guitar leads) add a worldliness to the song, but the sound is unmistakably Nogizaka46. You can buy the 24th single from Nogizaka when it arrives in stores on September 4, 2019.

Nogizaka46 promoting “Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemoii”

Nogizaka46 (乃木坂46) is a Japanese Idol Group produced by Akimoto Yasushi and the 1st rival group of AKB48. The group name comes from the final audition venue SME Nogizaka Building, which houses Sony Music Japan’s office. Yasushi Akimoto also said that the number “46” was chosen as a direct challenge to AKB48. The 1st generation members were announced on August 21, 2011.
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